1.  Will Mike Bender teach my child? Yes, this is Mike’s headquarters and works with every student on a weekly basis.
  2. Who will coach my child? Mike Bender is the lead instructor for all students and guides all the coaches for the students. Each student will also work with the staff at the Academy in various other areas of expertise.
  3. What is a typical day at the Academy? 8.00am-1.30pm: Attend school at Lake Mary Prep including lunch 1.35pm: Pick up from Lake Mary Prep by a MBEGA Staff member 2.00pm-6.00pm: Golf practice and training 6.00pm: Drop off at University Hall Dorms by a MBEGA Staff member 6.30pm: Dinner at University Hall 7.00pm-9.00pm: Study hall 11.00pm: Lights out
  4. How do I schedule a visit to the Mike Bender Elite Golf Academy? Please call 407.321.0444 and ask for Head Coach Peter Bakker or email peter@mikebender.com
  5. What is the application deadline for the Elite Academy? There is not a deadline date but we only accept 20 applicants a year. We do recommend applying in the early spring to allow enough time to complete the application process at Lake Mary Prep and obtain the proper VISA documents. If more than 20 students apply we will notify the family no later then July 1st if the student is accepted.
  6. What are the admission requirements for the Elite Academy? There are 3 requirements: 1.) The student must speak some English. 2.) The student must have played in at least 20 tournament rounds 3.) The student must have a desire to play golf at the next level (collegiate golf, national team or professionally) 4.) If more than 20 students apply then tournament performance, personal recommendations and academic performance will be used in the selection process.
  7. What are the admission requirements for Lake Mary Prep? Please contact the Director of Admissions at Lake Mary Prep at 407.805.0095.
  8. What are the admission requirements for Laurel Springs School (online)? Please contact Peter Bakker at 407.321.0444 or peter@mikebender.com for contact information for the MBEGA/Laurel Springs School partnership coordinator.
  9. Do you use TrackMan? The Elite Academy uses Trackman within its state-of-the-art hitting bay
  10. Who issues the I-20 visa? Lake Mary Prep will issue an I-20 visa upon acceptance into school.
  11. If I need help with my VISA, whom do I call? Please contact the Director of Admissions at Lake Mary Prep at 407.805.0095.
  12. Can a student have a car? Students may have a car if they live outside of University Hall Dorms at Lake Mary Prep. Student’s that wish to ride in cars driven by other students MUST have written permission from their parents prior to riding with another student.
  13. What will you do if my child is sick? For the student that is living at University Hall Dorms at Lake Mary Prep, there is an onsite medical attendant who will arrange additional medical attention if it so requires.
  14. What days will the Elite Academy NOT have practice? Practice will be held Monday thru Friday during the school year except for thanksgiving break, Christmas break and spring break. The Academy will be available for use if the student wishes to practice.
  15. What is the closest airport? Orlando International Airport (MCO) is approximately 35 minutes from Lake Mary, FL.
  16. What are the payment options? Parents are sent a contract after admission into the Elite Academy. The balance is due prior to the first day of golf unless other arrangements are made.
  17. What tournaments do students play in? Students play in multiple tours including: AJGA, FCWT, FJT, HJGT and various local tours. Many of these events can be played in Central Florida. If events are to be played outside of Central Florida additional accommodations can be made.
  18. What college placement services are available? The students work closely with college counselors and our coaching staff to find potential college options. In addition, it is very common for college coaches to visit the Academy to evaluate talent of players onsite while continuing to adhere to NCAA recruiting provisions.