The Mike Bender Elite Golf Academy recognizes the importance of options when it comes to academics matched up to golf training. The Elite Program offers two choices for schooling; a traditional school experience at Lake Mary Preparatory School or a fully online educational experience offered through the Laurel Springs School. Both options offer a fully NCAA compliant curriculum that prepares all elite students for acceptance into any US college or university golf program.

Lake Mary Preparatory School

The Mike Bender Golf Academy has teamed up with Lake Mary Preparatory School to provide high-quality academics in conjunction with a high-quality golf academy. Students who attend the golf academy spend the first part of their day taking core courses in math, history, science and English. Students have the opportunity to take Honors level and Advanced Placement courses in calculus, biology, chemistry, physics, and U.S. government to prepare them for elite colleges. The second half of the day is spent at Mike Bender’s Golf Academy located at the Magnolia Plantation Golf Club. In the evening, the students who board with Lake Mary Prep return to University Hall, a residential dormitory operated by the school. Students have a full list of activities on the weekends, including tournament play (additional cost). Please visit the elite boarding page of the website for more information.

The LMP Difference

Walk through the halls of Lake Mary Preparatory School, and you will instantly feelthe energy and excitement of learning and the feeling of community.

  • Ask any child about our school and chances are, the reply will be, “It’s fun!” Our students are eager and focused because our teachers’ passion for knowledge and thought is contagious.
  • LMP encourages questions, rewards curiosity and promotes the free exchange of ideas.
  • We develop the whole child by offering a full array of activities that engage and motivate students:
    • Advanced academics
    • Arts
    • Physical education and competitive athletics
    • Extracurricular activities
    • Community service opportunities
  • We ignite the full potential of every child. When students believe a teacher is working on their behalf, they make remarkable progress. In fact, students often tell us their teachers are like extra parents.
  • The feeling of a family extends to our entire student body. With children from more than 40 countries, LMP offers a welcoming environment where cross-cultural friendships are the norm and new students are greeted warmly.
  • Our affiliation with the Meritas Family of Schools provides teachers with proven educational best practices and opens up a range of opportunities for our students.

Lake Mary Preparatory School At-a-Glance

Location: Lake Mary, FL Grades: PreK3-12 Mission: To serve our students in an environment that encourages them to think, act and lead as respectful and ethical global citizens. Vision: Lake Mary Preparatory School strives to be a global leader in education, known for: a culture of continuous improvement, growth, and collaboration among students and faculty, a thought provoking challenging curriculum, a global minded and engaged student body, and acceptance into our student’s top choice universities. Founded: 1999 Enrollment: 280 (Grades 9-12) Accreditation: Florida Kindergarten Council (FKC) Florida Council of Independent Schools (FCIS) School Leadership: Mr. Glenn Chapin Headmaster Telephone Number: 407-805-0095 Email Address: School Address: 650 Rantoul Lane Lake Mary, Florida 32746

Laurel Springs School (online)

The Mike Bender Golf Academy is excited to announce our new partnership with Laurel Springs School, a fully accredited, private online school for students K-12. Founded in 1991, Laurel Springs School offers challenging and flexible programs for students of all ages. With college prep academics, this school has a 91% college acceptance rate. Laurel Spring’s graduates enter the most selective colleges and universities of their choice in the U.S and throughout the world. Please click here to view a sample of Laurel Springs School college acceptance list. Laurel Spring’s education program is designed for the college prep student who wishes to grow and excel academically and personally, while maintaining a schedule which provides the elite junior athlete with the flexibility to adequately train and compete at the highest levels in their desired sport. Laurel Springs offers more than 240 courses, including Advanced Placement (AP) and Honors options. The majority of our high school courses have been approved by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and the University of California (UC). NCAA approved courses are an important factor when evaluating online high schools for athletes. Most college athletic programs are regulated by the National Collegiate Athletic Association, an organization with rules and regulations on eligibility, recruiting, and financial aid. Colleges and universities are members of a division according to the size and scope of their athletic programs. Laurel Springs can help with academic planning with students who wish to pursue athletics at Division I or II colleges, as most of our courses are NCAA approved. Not all online high schools have NCAA approved courses, due to high academic expectations associated with NCAA approval. Laurel Springs has a variety of resources to educate students about NCAA procedures. Our school counseling department has NCAA specialists on staff to help answer questions about the eligibility process. Laurel Springs teacehrs possess exceptional credentials, strong subject area expertise, and a passion for teaching. Additionally, Laurel Springs teachers are well-versed in 21st century communication skills and computer competency. At the core, all Laurel Springs teachers embody the understanding of teaching as a collaborative process, rather than just the delivery of instruction and assessment of student work. Beginning in the 7th grade, Laurel Springs offers its students and families the opportunity to collaborate and make friends within a secure social network environment. Within this private social network, students may:

  • Participate in online clubs and find new friends
  • Pair up with study buddies
  • Post blog updates regarding their portfolio coursework and share their creative expressions

This private social network is wonderful way for students to form lasting friendships based on mutual inspiration and respect that span state and national boundaries. Students share their thoughts, feelings, and creativity through blogs, forums, and discussion threads. The social network is a valuable tool that creates empathy, compassion, and understanding, as well as promoting academic collaboration. Laurel Springs School is a valued partner of over 100 elite junior sports academies across the United States and internationally. Having the unique ability to deliver a strong, challenging curriculum yet also provide the elite junior athlete with the flexibility needed to excel in their sport of choice is why the most reputable sports academies in the country select Laurel Springs School as their online education partner. For more information visit